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Service rates

Clute Packaging Service rates apply as follows:

For hand tools ie) staplers and strapping tools, please ask your Sales Representative for the details of our service exchange program.

On machine installations that interact with a commodity such as strapping, shrink, stretch or flow wrapping equipment the following rates apply:

  • Service to machinery where a separate provider of the interacting commodity is used, service rates will be based on an hourly rate of $150.00.
  • Travel outside the perimeter of London, Ontario will be at $80.00 per hour, plus a mileage charge of $0.65 per kilometre both ways.
  • Where the commodity is supplied by Clute Packaging Systems Ltd., electrical or mechanical service will be performed at a discounted rate of $80.00 per hour.
  • On new machine installations or training start-ups a separate estimate will be given.

All parts used to facilitate repairs will be at customer expense, including freight and procurement costs.

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