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Weigh Price Labeler 1500 Series

1500 Series Models: 1500S - Semi-automatic setup machine ideal for companies who will need few to no changeovers. The 1522S can be upgraded to fully automatic setup. 1500A - Fully automatic machine ideal for companies who will make frequent changeovers. 1500P - Fully automatic machine ideal for all poultry companies and their range of packages from 2P to 10x15, as well as whole birds. The 1522P comes standard with a V-Belt conveyor as well as two top printers. Features & Specs: Fast - Up to 120 PPM with single print apply and up to 120 PPM with dual print apply (actual speeds will vary based on package size, weight and label size). Flexible - Run a breadth of product ranges, from flat packages (such as trays) to contoured packages (such as turkeys, hams, etc). Versatile - Can run both top and bottom labels in a variety of sizes with true type fonts and graphics up to 4" x 5" with standard tamp. Can also run a variety of packages all on the same machine with reliable and repeatable placement time and time again. Robust - Stainless steel construction means it's tough enough to coexist in harsh washdown environments. Every part was designed to be resistant to constant operation and harsh environments. Modular - Component units are easy to install, meaning upgrades take minimal time and effort. Easy to Maintain - Easily change belts, print heads and actuators. Conveyor platforms can easily be removed and replaced without tools. Data Collection/Analysis - Automatically collects raw data for every package to create real-time reports that can be delivered via email or PDA. 15" Color Touch Screen - Intuitive Windows based user interface allows operators to quickly master the system.
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