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Orion Flex Series High Profile Deluxe Semi-Automatic stretch wrapping machine

  • Orion Flex Series Stretch Wrapping Machine Performance Features:

  • 15 RPM Variable Speed with 'soft-start'
  • 5,000 lb. Maximum Load Weight Capacity
  • High Efficiency 260% Powered Film Pre-stretch
  • 48" x 48" Turntable for Easy forklift Loading
  • Octagonal Turntable for Easy Forklift Loading
  • AC/VFD Motors Reduce Maintenance
  • Structural Steel Frame for Durability
  • Ergonomically Friendly Design
  • Forklift Portable from Front or Rear
  • 8 Heavy-Duty Turntable Support Casters

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Considering a semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine? Why not consider the Orion Flex High Profile Deluxe stretch wrapping machine?

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Watch the Orion HPD in action by viewing the video below


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