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Orion Constellation - Orbital stretch wrapping machine

Constellation - Orbital stretch wrapping machine operations

  • Load conveyed to wrapping zone
  • Photoeyes detect load width and height
  • Top & sides guides adjust automatically*
  • Ring spins wrapping load as it conveys through
  • Film tail cut (sealed*), load exits system
  • *If system is optionally equipped

Constellation stretch wapping machine features

  • Automatic operation saves labour costs, improves efficiency and package appearance
  • Orbital wrapping method well-suited for long, difficult load types
  • Hand crafted with 100% structural steel for high stability and long service life
  • High performance film delivery system yields 260% prestretch (standard)
  • Ring sizes available: 15", 25", 40", 60", 80"
  • Automatically adjusts for various load widths & heights
  • Ring rotation speeds from 20 rpm to 100 rpm depending on ring size & application
  • Single or twin film carriages available to best fit cycle speed requirements
  • Rotational safety photoeyes stops machine if beam is broken
  • State-of-the-art Allen Bradley PLC Controller for maximum reliability and flexibility
  • Non-proprietory replacement parts can be purchased locally or from dealer
  • Dramatically reduces packaging costs by replacing corrugated, strap, string, tape

Considering an Orbital stretch wrapping machine? Why not consider the Orion Constellation stretch wrapping machine?

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