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Orion Robotic Corner Board Applicator

The new Orion Robotic Corner Board Applicator, or RCBA, is the fastest and most efficient way to apply corner boards to pallet loads.  Using robotics to pick and place the boards vastly increases the precision and simplicity of the process as compared to systems that place boards by mechanical means.  Corner boards are attached to loads on the infeed section while transporting in to the wrapping area.  Attachment methods can be tailored to customer specifications.  Current methods include hot melt glue or nitrogen charged adhesive to produce a foam type adhesive for protecting the corrugate from damage when the boards are removed.

Other features of the RCBA include:

Non-contact load sensing: a variety of ultra-sonic or photo eye sensing methods can be used to assure accurate load sensing without the need to physically touch the load.

Category 3 Safety:  full surround fencing, light curtains, emergency stop buttons and several other safety features assure that operators are protected while near the system.

Flexibility:  the RCBA can be integrated on to most Orion automatic stretch wrapping systems including both FA Turntable and MA Rotary Tower models.  It can also be retro-fitted to many third-party wrapping machines or configured as stand alone device prior to any manufacturers stretch wrapping machine.

Reliability:  Orion/Brenton is one of the country's top integrators of Fanuc robotics.  Their technical experience with Fanuc is recognized as superior in sales, installation, programming and service.


  • Standard Load Sizes:  Min: 36" x 36"/Max 48" x 48/Height 20" - 80"
  • Throughput Rate Up To 60 Loads Per Hour
  • Cornerboard Size Range:  3" x 3" - 6" x 6"
  • Scored Corrugate Range: 6" x 6" - 12" x 12"
  • Conveyor: 52" EW CDLR, 18" Top of Roller
  • Magazine: Conveyor Stacks into cell, can be loaded while in operation


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