Dekka Tape Head Model 22

The Dekka 22 is the standard DEKKA tape head.  Eighty percent of production lines are mid-speed applications that require a tape head of this kind - durable and consistent.

Precision Stainless Steel Construction

DEKKA 22 and 23 tape heads are precision constructed in high quality stainless steel using modern laser cutting technology and are highly finished for appearance and corrosion resistance.

Easy To Load

With DEKKA's open side frame design, tape loading is simple and easy.  Loading can be done in 30 seconds or less without removing the tape head or taking the machine out of adjustment, which reduces down time and costly production delays.

Exclusive No Break Tape Advance

In conventional tape heads, feed rolls pull tape along its edges where breaks actually occur.  DEKKA's exclusive No Break Tape system advances the tape along its centerline, avoiding edge stress and helping to prevent tape breaks.  This system eliminates delays and lost production.

External Tape Guide System

DEKKA's external tape guide physically holds tape ends in place unaffected by external drafts or loss of static attraction to the wipe down roller.  The guide remains free from troublesome adhesive build-up.  Whether taping case tops or bottoms, DEKKA tape heads reliably seal case after case, avoiding costly reprocessing of untaped cases.

Easily Adjustable Roller Tension Spring

The main spring tension may be adjusted by selecting one of four preset leverage points.  Adjustments are unaffected by vibration and shock.

High Quality Molded Wipe Down Rollers

Many tape heads are fitted with separate roller sleeves, requiring frequent replacements due to surface breaks and splits. DEKKA's polyurethane wipe down rollers are molded in one piece. The result is tougher, longer lasting rollers requiring less maintenance.

Knife Blade Remains Sharp Longer

The oil pad on the blade cover provides lubrication while preventing adhesive build up on cutting longer periods.

Operator Safety

The knife guard is independently mounted with its own actuating lever to minimize knife exposure and provide greater operator safety.

Expands Your Tape Buying Power

DEKKA tape heads are designed to provide superior performance on all brands of tape, from budget price to premium grades, which helps minimize tape cost.

DEKKA 22 Tape Head Features & Specs


  • 2" tape
  • 2.325 to 2.75" tab length
  • Runs to 80 to 120 fpm*


  • 3" tape for larger cases or cases with gap flap.
  • Mirror Image design - ideal for machine configurations that require access to tape head from opposite side.
  • Horizontal Mounting version.

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Watch the video below to see the DEKKA tape head in action


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