Orion Low Profile Flex A Portable Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

Portable Automatic Stretch Wrapping System

Low Profile Flex

Flex A models eliminate the need for operators to attach and cut the stretch film.  Simply place the pallet load on the machine, and pull a lanyard switch while backing away.  The machine will perform the entire wrap cycle automatically without the need for an operator to tie the film tail to the load at the beginning of the cycle, and detach it at the end.  This will greatly impact the efficiency of your stretch packaging operation by keeping your operators busy with other tasks while the machine is wrapping.

Features & Specs

Performance Features:

  • 15 RPM Variable Speed with "soft-start"
  • 5,000 lb Maximum Load Weight Capacity
  • High Efficiency 260% Powered Film Pre-Stretch
  • 63" Diameter Turntable for Loads up to 50" x 50"
  • Automatic Wrap Cycle for Operator Efficiency
  • Load via Forklift, Pallet Jack or Electric Walkie
  • AC/VFD Motors Reduce Maintenance
  • Full Surround Deck Protects Turntable
  • Structural Steel Frame for Durability
  • Ergonomically Friendly Design
  • Forklift Portable from Front or Rear
  • Precision Ring Bearing Turntable Support with added DuraGlide bearings

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