Orion Flex CTS - Conveyorized Twin Station Stretch Wrapper

Orion Flex CTS - Conveyorized Twin Station Wrapper

The Orion Flex CTS is a Conveyorized Twin Station stretch wrapping machine designed to increase fork lift efficiency and reduce load handling times by providing a powered conveyor turntable and a gravity conveyor section used as a staging platform for wrapped loads waiting to be picked up.

The Flex CTS stretch wrapping machine was designed to fill the gap between the Flex HPA and the FA fully automatic stretch wrapper. By providing a powered conveyorized turntable and gravity discharge conveyor section, the Flex CTS can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent handling loads.

The Flex CTS stretch wrapping machine is built with many of the same components of the larger and more sophisticated automatic systems, and offers throughput speeds approaching fully automatic systems at a fraction of the cost.

Film Tail Cut & Wipe Down System

This is the same pneumatically activated film clamp, cut and press system as used on some Orion's fully automatic stretch wrapping systems.  It's fully adjustable, extremely rugged and designed to give years of reliable service. The standard film cutter is an impulse hot wire. 

The conpoments used on the conveyors are the same quality as used on other Orion fully automatic machinery. Just because the Flex CTS has a low price doesn't mean we scrimp on the quality of the components.

Operation of the Flex CTS

  • The load is brought to Flex CTS stretch wrapper and placed on the infeed conveyor, while backing away, operator pulls lanyard to start cycle.
  • The operator goes to get next load to be wrapped.
  • When he returns, he places unwrapped load on infeed conveyor, while backing away, operator pulls lanyard to tell Flex CTS that there is a load waiting.
  • Next he picks up the wrapped load, and puts it away.


The Flex CTS controller uses an advanced Allen Bradley PLC for maximum flexibility and reliability.  The control panel uses rugged non-proprietory buttons and switches, and includes a large mushroom style E-stop button for safety.  The control box itself is CSA and UL listed and NEMA 12 rated.

Insta-Thread Film Delivery System

The Orion Insta-Thread film delivery system faces the side for easier film roll loading and threading.  The system uses specially designed rollers to accurately elongate film at a standard rate of 260%.

This highly reliable prestretch system features the fastest, easiest and safest film loading on the market, and an advanced "non-contact" film tension sensor for years of trouble-free wrapping.

A sophisticated photo eye senses even difficult coloured and reflective loads, and Orion's unique Insta-Sense system pauses the wrap cycle if the stretch film breaks or runs out.

Features & Specs


The Flex CTS eliminates the need for an operator to attach and cut the stretch film and eliminates time-loss from forklift drivers watching loads being wrapped.  Simply place the pallet load on the turntable via forklift, and pull a lanyard switch while backing away.  The machine will wrap the load as you have pre-determined it to do, automatically adapting to the load size and shape (within machine specifications).  At the end of the wrap cycle the load will be conveyed onto the exit pick-up conveyor section, freeing the turntable to receive another load.

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