Breathable Pallet Wrap


Flex-Net Stretch Netting allows vital air flow where and when it's needed, while assuring the best hold on the goods.

Flex-Net Stretch Netting leads the way in both agricultural and industrial settings due to its aggressive memory.  The net maintains its tension and keeps the integrity of the load even under the most extreme conditions.

Flex-Net Stretch Netting is highly elastic and stretches at least 30% for more yield out of every roll.

Flex-Net Stretch Netting requires far less machine tension than ordinary, no-stretch netting, while still maintaining its superior load security.  This helps protect against wear and tear on the wrapping machine's braking system and enables the operator to fine-tune the wrapping process. This product, when wrapped over the top of the load, supplies the 3rd dimension of stability.  The net presses down on the top layer of the load, ensuring added security to the valuable goods.  Due to its unique built-in memory, Flex-Net enables the load to be wrapped with little or no overlap (0-10%) which means dollar savings over other less efficient wrapping methods.

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Introducing a Macro Perforated Reinforced Stretch Film for wrapping loads that require "air flow."

  • Easy to apply, just like regular stretch film.
  • High strength and residual tension provide excellent load stability.
  • Eliminates the build up of condensation that can be caused by regular film trapping heat.
  • Provides excellent air flow.
  • Allows you to drop the integral temperature of a product quicker.

Film Properties:

  • Highly Elastic, very strong
  • Provides great load stability
  • Suited to HAND and MACHINE wrapping
  • Available in 20" and 30" widths
  • Product available with stretch levels between 40% to over 250% Prestretch
  • 100% Polyethylene
  • Fully recyclable

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