Regular Duty Steel Strapping


Our Regular Duty Steel Strapping is a cold-rolled, low carbon steel strapping manufactured to meet the requirements of tensional steel strapping. Most standard packaging applications use regular duty steel strapping and controlled physical properties with high strength and excellent shock resistance.

Manufacturing Standards for Steel Strapping - ASTM versus AAR

ASTM D 3953 Standard specifications for strapping, flat steel and seals
ASTM D 3950 Standard specifications for strapping, non-metallic and joining methods
ASTM D 4675 Guide for selection and use of flat strapping materials

Published by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
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Conshohocken, PA 19428

AAR Specifications applies only to strapping used for various rail shipping standards as set by the Association of American Railroads.

Please note:

While some manufacturers of steel strapping products imply that an AAR designation is somehow a superior standard to ASTM D3953, and therefore should apply to all strap applications; this is in fact a completely false premise.

Rules governing shipments by rail represent a totally different set of realities. Rail shipments are much more suseptible to handling damage than truck or ship and as such the railroads have devised their own set of rules, procedures and standards for products and their application in order to minimize shipping problems, customer claims and complaints and more specifically to clearly identify the source of problems.

In the case of steel strapping an approved AAR supplier is given a number which clearly identifies the manufacturer. It also can help isolate a manufacturing defect, if a load failure is suspected due to strap failure.

If your application or product is intended for rail shipment then we strongly urge you to consult with a qualified representative of the rail company of your choice for the procedures and components they require under the Association of American Railroads standards. 

Clute Packaging Systems Ltd. offers a complete range of AAR approved strapping products for all rail shipping applications.

AAR Approved Steel Band Manufacturers

All other applications can evolve using tried and true methodology based on products known to meet or exceed industry standards.

Safety is always a concern when using steel strapping.  Click here for some basic safety rules you can follow to avoid injury in your organization.


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