Shrink Film


Bollore's Bolphane Shrink Films rival films the world over. These shrink films excel in all elements that are critical to the success of any display film - e.g. clarity, high shrink ability, excellent machinability, mechanical strength and high yield.

Bolphane shrink film is one of the most advanced, fully recyclable multi-layer shrink films available.

We offer a shrink film for every application, whether it be odd-shaped applications needing high shrinkage, perforation, high clarity or high-speed throughput.

Click on the display name to see a more detailed description of the various grades of shrink film offered - BX, BY, BZ, BTT+125, BHE, BLG, BRX , BFF and BYO.  This incredible new eco-friendly product is formulated to be totally degradable in the environment.  At the end of its useful life, it fragments and oxidizes by the effect of light and heat.  It then becomes assimilable by soil micro-organisms and eventually disappears, leaving only water, carbon dioxide and biomass.

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