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Orion's Insta Thread powered pre-stretch film carriage can be retro-fitted to a wide range of stretch wrapping machines to increase the efficiency, reliability and economy of stretch packaging operations.  The Orion carriage has a time-tested design that has been used in thousands of installations providing users with exceptional results year after year.  When replacing a film carriage with prestretch levels of 200% and below, the Insta Thread film delivery system can deliver results in two ways:   Film consumption can be reduced thus lowering annual film costs dramatically and load integrity can be greatly improved thus reducing the incidence of load displacement during shipment or storage.

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Orion Packaging and Brenton Engineering, two of today's leading pallet packaging equipment manufacturers, present the Mini-System, an "all-in-one" robotic palletizer/automatic stretch wrapping machine designed to increase productivity by integrating separate material handling and pallet packaging operations into one fully integrated stretch wrapping system.

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The Orion In-Process Top Sheet Dispenser  - TSD

When the Top Sheet Dispenser (TSD) is used in the process area, it applies the top sheet of stretch wrap after the initial wrap, but before the final wrap forming a "sandwich" effect to effectively protect the load from dust, dirt and moisture.  After the initial shrink wrap, the top sheet dispenser descends and the top sheet is pulled out then cut via an impulse hot wire.

The mechanism then rises.  A top stabilizer then lowers to hold the top shrink wrap sheet down while the carriage begins its rotation again and wraps the top sheet to the load.

After the shrink wrapping, this load will be stored outdoors.  The top sheet has been applied between the layers thus providing total load protection.

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The Orion Infeed Section Top Sheet Dispenser

Orion offers a variety of options for the automatic application of polyethylene top sheet.  Whether for weatherproofing of loads stored outside, or just for protection against dust, and/or pilferage, Orion has a Top Sheet Dispenser for your application.

Available for use with rotary tower and rotary turntable automatic stretch wrapping systems, Orion offers Top Sheet Dispensers for applications involving random load heights or fixed, as well as for applying the top sheet prior to the wrap zone/process area, or in the process area.

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In certain industries, especially printing, total sx-sided protection of pallet loads is desired for total product protection and to "lock" the load effectively to the pallet.  Steel or poly strapping is commonly used, however many customers would like to eliminate the high cost, high maintenance and recycling issues of strapping.  That's why Orion has developed a system based on a large ring Constellation orbital wrapper combined with an FA (or MA) automatic stretch wrapping system.  Customers have realized greatly increased uptime while dramatically lowering total pallet packaging costs with this system.

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Safeguarding of Machinery Based on CSA Z432-04 - What You Need to Know as an Employer

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The new Orion Robotic Corner Board Applicator, or RCBA, is the fastest and most efficient way to apply corner boards to pallet loads.  Using robotics to pick and place the boards vastly increases the precision and simplicity of the process as compared to systems that place boards by mechanical means.  Corner boards are attached to loads on the infeed section while transporting in to the wrapping area.  Attachment methods can be tailored to customer specifications.  Current methods include hot melt glue or nitrogen charged adhesive to produce a foam type adhesive for protecting the corrugate from damage when the boards are removed.

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The Orion RW-44 is a heavy-duty semi-automatic wrapping machine designed to stretch wrap roll product by turning the roll on steel blocking rollers while spinning the product on a 14 RPM turntable.  This creates a "cocoon" wrap pattern and provides complete protection and unitization of the roll.  Maximum load size is 60" diameter x 65" length.  Maximum load weight is 6,000 lbs.

Industry Types Served

-  Beverage
-  Consumer Products
-  Food
-  Pharmaceutical
-  Printing/Publishing

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Safeguarding of Machinery - Based on CSA Z432-04 - What You Need to Know as an Employer



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