Stitching Machines


The Arm Wire Stitcher pictured here is available in regular and heavy duty models.


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The S-13-AW Metal Wire Stitcher is available in 13" throat depth. The "metal" machines come in a variety of models.  They include:  "Straight Arm Stitchers, Single Head", "Post Metal Sign Stitcher & Table".  The S-13-AW featured here has a 13" throad depth but you can purchase the S-8-AW with an 8" throat depth, the S-25-AW with a 25" throat depth or the S-25-SAW with a 25" channel letter.

Metal Stitchers can be used for stitching sandpaper to plastic or other sandpaper, rubber to steel or insulation wrap in the automotive industry or making aluminum sign letters.


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The IB-1240 Post Wire Stitcher is available in regular and heavy duty models, crown sizes and wire sizes and capacities.   As well as the IB-1240 pictured here you can purchase a "dual head arm machine".  It can be customized to meet your specific application. and can be furnished as either a bottom stitcher or straight arm stitcher.  The arm stitcher is furnished with electric solenoid foot trip and the bottom stitcher is furnished with mechanical trip.  Variable speed control is optional.


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