Shrink Film Systems


The Repak Sealer is a low cost, table top shrink wrapping system that's perfect for repacking torn wrappings or returned merchandise. It features a heavy duty all steel design, requires minimal maintenance and is simple and fast to operate.

In just a few simple steps a damaged package can be ready for re-sale. Besides repairing torn wrapping, the Repak can also be used to package several items together to sell as one unit. It's ideal for nearly any retail business as virtually anyone can use the Repak with minimal training.

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The Ocono Series L-Bar Sealers have been carefully designed for maximum flexibility, accomodating a greater product mix.  This machine is ideal for cost-conscious users who still demand an industrial strength machine.  Standard equipment for this Series includes the heavy duty Seal Bar Extrusion, powerful magnets, and the proven TRU-TEMP impulse wire control. The Ocono also features an easy use film dispenser and high quality discharge conveyor with POSI-TRAK.  Film clamps and EZ-PERF is also standard on all Ocono L-Bar sealers. 

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Safeguarding of Machinery  - Based on CSA Z432-04 - What You Need to Know as an Employer

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