Integrated Form, Pack & Seal Systems


The BEL 5150u allows a single person to load cases with products and seal all flaps on one machine. The BEL 5150u is equipped standard with the following: 

  • Power Save Mode automatically powers down the machine when not in use 
  • Colour-coded Setup Guides make case changeovers quick and easy 
  • Unidrive eliminates case skew and ensures cases are squarely taped 
  • High-performance DEKKA tape heads provide a high quality seal 

Bel 5252u Semi-Automatic Form, Pack & Seal System

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The WFPS 5150 combines the features of the BEL 505 Semi-Automatic Case Former and Pack Station and the BEL 150 Pressure Sensitive Case Taper, providing customers with a compact and economical form, pack, and seal solution. Now the process of erecting cases, taping the bottom flaps, loading the case with product, and sealing the top flaps can be done by single person in a single fluid operation.

The operator simply loads a case onto the BEL 505, which holds the case in place with its bottom flaps closed. The operator loads the product into the box, folds the top flaps down and then pushes it through to the BEL 150 case taper, which seals the top and bottom of the case with tape.

The BEL 150 is easily adjustable to handle a wide range of case sizes.

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