Hot Melt Adhesive


Forbo's Swift 24325 is a hot melt adhesive.  It is a fast setting hot melt adhesive designed specifically for tray forming operations.  It combines excellent heat stability and heat resistance to give a clean machining product that will maintain its bonding integrity over a wide range of storage conditions.  Swift 24325 is suitable to use on tray formers such as Kister, Standard Knapp, etc.

Features & Benefits 

Suggested application method - Extrusion
Suggested application temperature -  160 - 180 degrees C
Excellent heat stability - The adhesive can remain at operating temperatures for extended periods without degradation.
Rapid rate of set - Can be run on high speed packaging lines.
Clean machining - Minimized maintenance and downtime. Maximized production time. 

Typical Properties - Colour - yellow,  Viscosity @ 177 degrees C - 800 - 1200 mPa.s ,  Mettler Softening  Point 105 - 115 degrees C

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Swift therm 7600 is a premium hot melt formulated for general case and carton sealing and tray forming applications.  It is recommended for bonding a variety of paperboard substrates.

 Features & Benefits 

Good Heat and Cold Resistance - Final bonds stay strong in extreme heat & cold temperatures.  Reduced waste and returns.

Superior Thermal Stability - Viscosity remains stable in the pot longer.  Consistent trouble-free performandce, less unscheduled downtime and maintenance required.  Cost savings from fewer hose replacements than are needed with traditional adhesives.

Versatility - Bonds a variety of substrates.  One product is good for multiple applications, resulting in reduced inventory.

Clean Machining - Consistent trouble-free performance, less unscheduled downtime and maintenance required.  Cost savings from fewer hose replacements than are needed with traditional adhesives.  Enables precise control of bead size and placement for enhanced package appearance and better mileage.

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Forbo's Swift 2H943 is a hot melt adhesive.  Swift 2H943 is a straw coloured hot melt adhesive which was developed for high-speed case and carton sealing applications.  The adhesive will bond some coated substrates.

Suggested Application Method - Extrusion, Wheel
Suggested Application Temperature - 325 - 350 degrees F

Features & Benefits

Low Viscosity - Less tendency to string
Fast Setting - Ability to run on short compression conditions
High Peel Adhesion Fail Temperature - Excellent heat resistance
Clean Machining - Excellent heat stability; production efficiency 

Typical Properties - Colour - light yellow, Viscosity - 1,000 - 1,500 mPa.s @177 degrees C, Mettler Softening Point - 110 - 120 degrees C.


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