Inflatable Dunnage Bags


Inflatable Dunnage Bags are custom designed to satisfy multiple customer requirements for securing freight and protecting products of all shapes and sizes – saving you time and money with your shipping and receiving needs. The bags are constructed of multiple layers of high strength paper and can be used for one-way or multiple trip applications. Tough, dependable Inflatable Dunnage Bags are the cost effective and convenient way to protect your cargo.

Review the benefits listed below to see if Dunnage Bags are right for your company:

Avoids Accidents: Load shifting is one of the main causes of accidents during transportation. You can minimize load shifting by bracing the loads in place with Dunnage bags. Dunnage bags protect your goods from the first point of packing to their destination thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

Cost Saving: Dunnage bags are inexpensive compared to other load securing techniques. In addition, some dunnage bags are reusable (for non-rail applications in the US). Using Dunnage bag will result in less product damage during transportation. This saves your valuable time and money.

Easy To Use: Dunnage bags can easily be installed in a few minutes using an air hose and inflator tip. No special skills are required; simply follow instructions printed on the bag. The compressed air does most of the work with little physical effort from the packer. You can deflate the bag by simply unscrewing the valve. There is no need to puncture this saves time and space for your customers.

Safe: Dunnage bags are produced under ISO 9001 & 14001 standards and certified by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) and the Railway Association of Canada (RAC) They are 100% leak proof tested before shipping.

Cost Effective: Dunnage Airbags are inexpensive and reusable (for non-railroad use only).

Lightweight & Water Proof: Dunnage bags are easy to handle, light in weight, takes up less space and are resistant to moisture and water ingress.

Take Shape To Odd Configurations: Dunnage bags are flexible, allowing you the advantage of filling every shape and odd space without damaging your goods.

Can Fill a Larger Void: Due to their flexibility, Dunnage bags can fill a space up to 18”, much larger compared to the paper Dunnage bags which can only fill a void up to 14”.

Environmental Friendly: Dunnage airbags are produced from 100% recyclable virgin materials.

Click here for MSDS sheets for Dunnage Bags

Dunnage Bags Dunnage Bags
Dunnage Bags Dunnage Bags
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