Orion Stretch Wrapper Upgrades and Retrofits to Film Carriages


Why not breathe new life into your stretch wrapping machine for  better economy and efficiency?

Orion's Insta Thread powered pre-stretch film carriage can be retro-fitted to a wide range of stretch wrapping machines to increase the efficiency, reliability and economy of stretch packaging operations.  The Orion carriage has a time-tested design that has been used in thousands of installations providing users with exceptional results year after year.  When replacing a film carriage with prestretch levels of 200% and below, the Insta Thread film delivery system can deliver results in two ways:   Film consumption can be reduced thus lowering annual film costs dramatically and load integrity can be greatly improved thus reducing the incidence of load displacement during shipment or storage.

Unique Features of the Orion Insta Thread include:

Non-contact film tension sensor:  Orion's proprietary "hall effect" film tension sensor is the most accurate way to measure the pulling force of the film as it is wrapping around a load.  Because the film payout can instantly increase around the corners of the load, film tension is consistent around the entire load giving you superior load retention.

Prestretch rates up to 300%:  The most common prestretch percentage is 260%, however the Insta Thread carriage is offered with more or less prestretch to match your precise load type and film preference.  Advanced film handling and force-to-load sensors assure that film breaks are a thing of the past.  Film tension controls are mounted to the carriage.

Lifetime roller warranty replacement:  The durable prestretch rollers on the Insta Thread carriage carry a lifetime warranty.  If you need to replace them, simply ship back the old set and Orion will send you a new set at no charge.  It's that simple.

5 - second film threading:  Threading film through the InstaThread carriage is an open and shut case.  Simply open the hinged gate, pull the film through, and latch the gate closed.  By eliminating finger pinch points, the Orion carriage is safer to thread.

Universal Mounting Plate:  The Orion InstaThread retrofit is availabe in right or left facing designs for both 20" or 30" film widths.  The universal mounting plate makes installation fast and simple.

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