Itipack Heavy Duty Automatic Panel Press Strapping Machine


Incredible strength, long life and continuous operation. Efficiency and respect for your production needs. Only Itipack technology can give you these machines. They spring from state-of-the-art production lines where the creation of every single part is governed perfectly by automation. Everything is Itipack-made: the structural metalwork, the painting, the mechanical and electrical assemblies. They are then subjected to the severest tests: residual tension testing by tensionmeter and tensile strength testing by dynamometer both on steel and plastic straps.


Model VKP:
Hydraulic powered high compression strapping machine.

Strapping Head:
Itipack model VK-120-19 (VK-30) high-tension plastic strapping head (Option steel: Standard triple notch sealless head, AAR approved. Fromm M100 or Itipack VS-11) 

Up to 25,000 lbs top compression hydraulically powered, heavy duty rack and pinion equalized.

Hydraulic Power Pack:
Variable volume piston pump (100 gallon tank, 20 HP motor)

Package Parameters:
60” maximum width
24” minimum width
50” maximum height
9” minimum height

Strap Track:
Telescopic vertical tracks enable strap feed at any height thru full range of travel. Hardened spring loaded gates.

Strapping Dispenser:
Itipack model PDAT-100 powered dispenser complete with accumulation tower (for standard coil sizes).

Automation Control:
Allen Bradley programmable logic controller with operator interface devices. (Other brands available upon request).

Power Requirements:
575/480 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz

Available Options:

  • Top, fibre corner protectors
  • Bottom, fibre corner protectors
  • Double magazine, top and bottom bunk applicators, (multiple magazine bunk applicators also available)
  • Itipack model PDAT-160 jumbo strap dispenser (capacity 160 lb)
  • Itipack model PDAT-350 super jumbo strap dispenser (capacity 350 lb)
  • Heavy duty hydraulic side compression

Itipack Heavy Duty Automatic Panel Press Strapping Machine

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