Swift 24325 Hot Melt Adhesive


Packaging - Swift 24325 Hot Melt Adhesive is packaged as chicklets in 50 pound boxes on 2,000 lb pallets.  Other physical forms and packaging may be available. 

Storage - This product can be stored for up to 1 year in a cool, dry place in the original container.

Clean Up - First drain as much molten material as possible from the line.  Then flush the unit with paraffin or a product that is recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

Important Safety Information - FDA Status:  This product compositionally meets the requirements of Section 175.105 of 21 CFR.  For further information and applicable limitations of use, please contact Environmental, Health and Safety Team at 1-919-433-1300.

Before using this or any other chemical product, be sure to read and understand the information on the Material Safety Data Sheet and Product Labels.  Remain aware of potential hazards and follow all precautionary measures, handling instructions, and disposal considerations outlined in the MSDS and labels.

  • Wear heat resistant gloves and face protection when handling hot melt adhesives.
  • Avoid contact with melted product.  Bodily contact can cause serious burns.
  • If contact with hot product does occur: a) Cool immediately by immersion in cold clean water, b) Do not attempt to remove the cooled adhesive from the skin. c) Cover contacted area with clean, wet compresses and get emergency treatment immediately.

For help in a Chemical Emergency, call CHEMTREC at 1-800-424-9300

Use Precaution -
Product is ready to use as received; do not dilute hot melt adhesive.  Confirm compatibility before making hot melt adhesive changes.
Technical Support - Forbo Adhesives' technical support staff has extensive practical experience with adhesives and manufacturing techniques.  Please do not hesitate to request their assistance through Clute Packaging Systems.

Click here for MSDS Sheets for Swift 24325 Hot Melt Adhesive

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